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Big Train Reduced Vanilla Chai Tea Mix
Imack Coffee

Big Train Reduced Vanilla Chai Tea Mix

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Enjoy the mellow sweetness of our delicious Vanilla Chai Latte Mix without added sugar! Big Train’s low-fat, reduced sugar Vanilla Chai Tea Latte Mix brings the exotic flavors of chai tea and the familiar sweetness of vanilla together for a creamy indulgence that you can enjoy guilt-free! An extra dose of vanilla flavor elevates classic chai to the extraordinary. Using only the finest ingredients, we combine our invigorating black tea chai base with nonfat milk for a delicious, smooth texture. We sweeten our low-fat, and reduced sugar for those who are watching their sugar intake. Like our original Vanilla Chai Tea Latte Mix, we infuse our mix with warming cinnamon and smooth vanilla for mellow flavor and a touch of spice. So relax, take a sip, and be transported. Let our Reduced Vanilla Chai Tea Latte Mix indulge your taste buds with a blend of exotic and familiar flavors that are never ordinary.

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