Big Train Banana Splitastic Kidz Kreamz
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Big Train Banana Splitastic Kidz Kreamz

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Feel good when you give kids the sweet treats they crave with Big Train’sBanana Splitastic Kids Kreamz Frappé Mix! Our version of the sundae favorite starts with our rich-tastinglow-fat yogurt base, where we sneak in a good source of calcium. Banana Splitastic features the creamy flavors of banana and vanilla custard – without all the fat! Kids will love that dessert-like sundae taste. Go ahead, spoil ’em a little! We won’t tell that it’s good for them, too. Kidz Kreamz aren’t just for kids! Indulge the kid in you anytime with the great taste of a banana split you can sip through a straw. Our Banana Splitastic Kidz Kreamz Frappé Mix is full of kid-friendly flavor and contains no hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup or trans fats to spoil the fun.