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Imack Coffee


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Roasted - Light or medium. It is fully washed and has a European Preparation, which has an additional hand sorting at the mill.

Cupping Notes - Buttery smooth body, floral and herbal aromatics, a mild acidity, and a salted toffee sweetness.

About - This Panama is a single farmer lot from the Boquette region, near the top of the Baru volcano. In the 1890's Panama saw an influx of immigrants from Arab nations to begin construction of the Canal. One of those immigrants moved to Boquette, changed his name to Domingo Suarez, and began coffee farming in 1920 in search of a better life for his family. The farm has now been in the Suarez family for three generations and is managed by his grandchildren. This coffee is 80% Typica and 20% Caturra.