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Ghirardelli Sauce Pump
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Ghirardelli Sauce Pump

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This Ghirardelli .5 oz. sauce pump makes it easy to dispense flavoring sauce for your flavored coffees, mochas, and blended drinks! This plastic sauce pump fits Ghirardelli 64 oz. flavoring sauce bottles and dispenses .5 oz. with each pump. It will dispense a consistent amount of flavoring sauce in each beverage cup, making it easier to control portioning and ultimately save costs.

The signature white and blue design of this no-drip pump has an attractive look for your coffee shop, hotel, ice cream shop, or cafe's service. It fits securely around your bottles to eliminate leaks and other messes. Make sure that your business is stocked with all of the essentials, including this Ghirardelli .5 oz. flavoring sauce pump!