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Imack Coffee


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Roasted - Medium or as an Italian. This washed coffee is very complex and layered.

Cupping Notes - Herbal, milk chocolate, butterscotch, and orange overtones. Silky and creamy, high acidity, sweet, juicy lingering aftertaste.

About - Hailing from the Alotenanago region, these farmers are focused solely on quality from beginning to end. The small producers take care to only pick the ripest cherries by hand and are careful not to mix in any green or unripe cherries. The coffee is promptly delivered in cherry to a small wet mill in Alotenanago. The wet mill’s focus on quality does not wane. Once the coffee is in parchment, it is then cleaned by hand. This is regarded as an artisanal procedure and only small quantities are processed, producing a high quality, pronounced cup.