Oregon Chai Caffeine Free Chai
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Oregon Chai Caffeine Free Chai

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6/ 32 oz

Chill out and enjoy Oregon Chai’s best-loved recipe, now caffeine-free. The Original™ Chai Tea Latte blend swaps out peppy black tea for relaxing herbal rooibos. Don't worry, though. This caffeine-free version holds on to the delicious spicy-sweet flavor of our invigorating original. Sweet honey and smooth vanilla keep it true to its heritage.  

Speaking of true, Oregon Chai products remain authentic extensions of our founder’s philosophy. We source organic ingredients whenever possible, and all-natural almost all the time. Our Caffeine Free Original Chai Tea Concentrate is no exception, proudly carrying the USDA Organic Label. We make this blend with organic spices, organic cane juice and organic natural flavors, so it’s better for the planet. Naturally. It's Non-GMO Project Verified, too.