Oregon Chai Original Chai
Oregon Chai Original Chai
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Oregon Chai Original Chai

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6/ 32 oz / 1.5 gallon

True to its name, The Original™ Chai Tea Latte is, well, the original that started a coffeehouse trend. Inspired by our founder’s trip to the Himalayas, this flavorful blend combines the chai spices of its Eastern heritage with a Western twist. Our sweet and mildly spiced signature flavor features a blend of black tea, honey, smooth vanilla and chai spices in every delicious sip. 

To make a  delicious chai latte, just mix equal parts concentrate and milk or dairy substitute.  Heat it up or pour it over ice for a rich, sweet, creamy blend of black tea, honey, vanilla and spices that you’ll enjoy thoroughly. Yes, it’s that easy!

A chai latte craving may occur at any time. Be ready. Chai aficionados suggest keeping a carton of Oregon Chai Concentrate in your refrigerator and a backup in your pantry. When you don’t run out of chai, you don’t have to run out for chai, which is infinitely more relaxing.